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      4. Welcome to us

        Taizhou Hopo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

        How to Ensure Quality ?

        Plastic Mold China: Made in China is popular in the world for years....

        Why choose us?

        Taizhou Hopo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is a professional plastic injection mould maker...

        Perfect manufacture

        We insist the principle of "satisfying customers' demand with professional solutions".


        Exhibition Chinaplas 2017

        Booth No.:4.2 F61(HALL 4.2)
        Add:China Import&Export Fair Complex,pazhou,Guangzhou,PR China

        Hopo News

        Hopo Mould company management,Corporation and information

        Staff Activity

        Hopo Mould company's team events

        Mould Test Video

        Moulding your idea

        Feature Mould show

        professional plastic injection mould maker

        • Washing Machine Mould

          Refrigerator Mould

          Dispenser Mould

          Motorcycle Part Mould

        • Crate Mould

          Auto Parts Mould

          Baby Use Mould

          Industrial Parts Mould

        • Injection Mould

          Injection Mould

          Injection Mould

          Injection Mould


        yo 你真美 2019-10-12

        injection mould loading!

        yo 你真美 2018-10-17

        HOPO MOULD ACTVTY Double ninth festival is coming. HOPO mould company participated in mountain climbing with my team members Great strength makes HOPO successful

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